EZ Fit Treeless Saddle

Unique Treeless saddle with Spine clearence, ajustable seat, stirrups and rigging for the ultimate comfort for horse and rider.

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EZ Fit Treeless Saddles


The history in Saddle manufacturing dates back to four or five centuries ago. However the materials our forefathers used to create saddles has changed very little over this period of time. Wood and leather were always available in abundant supplies and became the primary components of saddles since ancient times. For centuries humans have been strapping componants  to the spines of supple and athletic animals and the results have often been less than ideal.

Much thought and design went into the EZ Fit Saddle: 

* All rigging is Fully Adjustable, the cantle, the stirrup position and the girth position

* Non Slip bottom

* Enduro Rigging keeps saddle secure on any terrain 

* Built in high density foam raises saddle off your horse's spine

* Much narrower twist for rider's comfort than other treeless saddles 

* In most cases no pad is needed

* Fully customizable for English, Western or Endurance riding. 

* High density foam pommel to adjust to a variety of horses.

* Lots of Dee Rings, and straps to keep your gear or fittings secure 

* Two Week $50.00 "Ride in It" Trial can be applied to your purchase price. You can know you LOVE this saddle before you buy! 

    You will notice a difference instantly in the freedom of movement of your horse and how easy it is to center yourself while riding in this saddle.  

    This saddle is designed to work in fluid motion with you and the horse. So why continue to strap an unmovable object between you and your horse? The horse and the rider are both fluid free moving creatures, with skeletons designed to bend and flex freely.  


  December 2006 Eli Beidler an Amish harness maker working in Drunmore PA with the help of Frances an athletic coach and race horse owner, designed their first EZ fit treeless saddle. By Feburary 2008 they had built 16 saddles and each had been extensively tested by many different types of riders including: equine therapists, trainers, trail riders, and endurance riders and putting them to difficult testing such as pressure pads. Today he works full time creating custom treeless saddles for thoughtful riders across the USA.  Each saddle is carefully custom designed to meet the horse and rider's individual goals and of course each saddle is hand crafted right here in the USA!


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