EZ Fit Treeless Saddle

Unique Treeless saddle with Spine clearence, ajustable seat, stirrups and rigging for the ultimate comfort for horse and rider.

Building your EZ Fit Treeless Saddle

Your saddle will come with either Western or English Style Rigging. This is your chance to customize your Saddle. Choose colors, rigging, stirrups and even hardware.


Choose your Low Bulk Close Contact Rigging Style...


Choose English style rigging pictured above or... 

western style rigging pictured above..


Then Choose your Stirrups.. 


Wide Padded  aluminum Trail Stirrup in black or brown 

Western Rawhide bell stirrups


or English Stirrup Irons 


You may also want to choose your no-rust stainless hardware

Engraved pattern  or...

Plain unpatterned


Choose your Size 

Small saddle (shown above) adjusts from 14" to 16"" by Western measurement or 15" to 17.5" English .


The Medium  sized saddle is the equivalent of  a 15" to 17' western saddle 

Adult/Large (shown above) adjusts from 16" to 18"  by Western measurements.


Then Choose your skirting and saddle body colors.

Seat can be in the same leather or in suede  for a more secure seat..


 Suede color choices are....

Chocolate Brown-a the name implies it is a nice milk chocolate brown (similar to Chestnut above)

Sand-a natural dusty brown color (similar to the Harness color above)

English toast- an rich chestnut brown (similar to walnut shown above)


 Premium seat choices are available for an additional $10.00

Red Suede-Candy apple true red

Purple Suede- a nice rich royal purple color

Fushia Suede- a pink with a hint of purple

Orange Suede- a nice medium orange

Royal Blue Suede- a rich royal blue

Teal Suede- More blue than green but definitely teal or mix of both

Ostrich print colors...

Light blue (pictured below) and Pink

Hardware can be engraved, plain or engraved and blackened

skirting color choices are shown here

NEW*** western horn option! $90.00


Saddle showing the blue ostrich seat and trim

Leathers or Fender Choices

English leathers

Western Leathers with Fenders

Or Standard Western Leathers without Fenders 

Overall Length Specifications

Extra Small- 22" long

Small- 24" long

Medium-26" long

Large-28" long

Other specs...

Pommel-High density foam slowly widens to fit any horse but rigid enough for stabilty

Cantle- Removable 4" high density

Weight- aprox 15lbs

Bottom- Tacky perforated non slip bottom

Bottom Pannels- High density foam

Rigging adjustments- heavy duty velcro secured with buckle holders

Dee Rings- breast plate, crupper and numerous others

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EZ Fit Treeless Saddles















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