EZ Fit Treeless Saddle

Unique Treeless saddle with Spine clearence, ajustable seat, stirrups and rigging for the ultimate comfort for horse and rider.

Satisfied Clients


"My horse has a very wide back and I tried three saddles and none of them fit her perfectly until I tried the EZ Fit® Saddle. I have been using for sixteen months, with no problems." - Electra, York, PA

"This sale just works perfectly with all the different age group students I have." - John, Lancaster, PA

"Very secure - it stays on my horse, which says a lot as I have a young Arabian, full of energy." - Jean, Vermont

"Good Day, Eli. What a great time of the year to be out riding. I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I am enjoying my E-Z Fit Saddle. As you know, I do a lot of trail riding and have never been more comfortable than I am on this saddle. My friend that I ride with has an expensive well known English Saddle and after a few hours, first her feet come out of the stirrups, then the stretching and fidgeting starts. She's even replaced the stirrups with ones that allow her to move her ankles. A sheepskin cover was put on her seat. With all the changes she's made to her saddle, nothing has changed -- after a few hours her ankles and knees start bothering her. One day I was riding for 6 hours and I could have ridden more if I didn't run out of sunlight. I knew from the first time I tried the E-Z Fit

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EZ Fit Treeless Saddles